31 Squid Recreation Moments Vs At the back of The Scenes Footage

The Purple Gentle, Inexperienced Gentle set is huge and so cool.

Caution: There are MASSIVE spoilers forward for Squid Recreation!


First, here is Jung Ho-yeon putting out whilst filming the instant when Sae-byeok and Deok-su battle in Episode 1.


That is an aerial glance these days when all the avid gamers arrived within the enviornment for Purple Gentle, Inexperienced Gentle.


Here is what the avid gamers have been in fact seeing when the Purple Gentle, Inexperienced Gentle recreation began.


And here is the place the digicam used to be situated because it adopted all the avid gamers seeking to break out after understanding they have been going to get shot in the event that they moved even an inch.


Lee Jung-jae is making an attempt to stick very nonetheless whilst filming the scene when Gi-hun comes to a decision to stand up and run.


Heo Sung-tae and Jung Ho-yeon movie the instant when Sae-byeok grabs Deok-su right through Purple Gentle, Inexperienced Gentle.


Here is what it appeared like whilst the Squid Recreation solid filmed the instant probably the most avid gamers crossed the end line.


Park Hae-soo is difficult at paintings right through the dalgona problem.


And, here is Lee Jung-jae capturing the instant when Gi-hun realizes he will have to lick the dalgona.


In case you are questioning what it appeared like when all the avid gamers have been heading into this room prior to the tug of struggle recreation, right here you move.


And that is what Lee Yoo-mi noticed whilst Ji-yeong used to be sitting all by way of herself at the stairs.


That is how the tug of struggle set used to be put in combination. Even though it appears find it irresistible used to be tremendous prime off the bottom, it used to be in fact simply on a small platform.


Here is a have a look at probably the most actors putting onto the rope when they fell from the platform.


Lee Jung-jae and the remainder of the actors gave it their all whilst filming the tug of struggle moments.


Like, glance how intense all of them glance as they are attempting to win this recreation.


Here is Sae-byeok and Ji-yeon strolling again to protection in Episode Five after profitable the tug of struggle recreation.


The implausible alley set that used to be constructed for Episode 6, aka the saddest episode of the season.


Anupam Tripathi appears completely heartbroken whilst capturing the scene when Ali realizes his bag is stuffed with rocks, no longer marbles.


Here is an overhead have a look at the scene the place Sang-woo delivers his (stolen) bag of profitable marbles and will get to transport directly to the following spherical.


Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Yoo-mi are concentrating tremendous exhausting whilst they get in a position to movie a Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong second.


Here is Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae, and Jung Ho-yeon getting all their smiling out of the way in which whilst filming Episode 7.


That is what it in fact appeared like to movie the instant a participant fell in the course of the glass ground in Episode 7.


And here is how prime off the bottom the bridge of glass in fact used to be.


A behind-the-scenes glance these days proper prior to Sang-woo pushes the participant to his demise.


Here is Jung Ho-yeon taking a ruin whilst filming the tip of Episode 7. You’ll be able to even spot the harness she used to be dressed in whilst filming too.


That is what it in fact appeared like right through the instant when all the glass explodes.


Here is Jung Ho-yeon filming a Sae-byeok close-up in Episode 8.


Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo having a look beautiful badass whilst strolling into the sector for the overall recreation.


Here is Lee Jung-jae doing his highest hopping whilst enjoying Squid Recreation.


Park Hae-soo rips off Sang-woo’s jacket right through his ultimate battle with Gi-hun.


And after all, here is Lee Jung-jae filming the instant Gi-hun realizes Sang-woo is injured and he tries to forestall the sport.

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