35 Wonder Mysteries I Nonetheless Want An Resolution To

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I actually simply want anyone to provide an explanation for to me how Cap ended up at that bench on the finish of Endgame.

Glance, I imagine myself to be a large MCU fan as a result of I have observed all of the motion pictures and displays a number and I like all of the characters, however I additionally benefit from the occasions of the MCU the way in which Scott Lang does: with a large number of enthusiasm and in addition a large number of confusion.

And even supposing I have religiously watched each and every installment, there may be nonetheless such a lot I nonetheless have questions on.


For instance, did simply, like…nobody inform Scott what used to be happening in Infinity Struggle?

Disney / Wonder Studios / Courtesy Everett Assortment

Or Fury, for that subject…however Scott particularly. He used to be professional simply performing some checks with Hope and her folks, with completely no thought what used to be happening, when part the arena snapped. Additionally, when he got here again, he looked as if it would know an entire lot. Did his daughter give an explanation for it to him? Why wasn’t he extra intrigued when Natasha mentioned she will get emails from a speaking raccoon?? Did his daughter inform him all in regards to the Guardians?


2d query — Rhodey and Scott seem to have observed Sizzling Bath Time Gadget, however…Sebastian Stan is in that film. Did they no longer realize that Bucky used to be simply casually in a film?

Wonder / MGM Distribution Co.

Sizzling Bath Time Gadget got here out in 2010 too, in order that used to be whilst Bucky used to be nonetheless the Wintry weather Soldier. Wager he used to be additionally an actor at the facet?


How come Physician Extraordinary holds the Time Stone and no longer, you recognize…the Fact Stone?


His entire factor is truth, and Thanos makes use of the Fact Stone to do identical tips to those Physician Extraordinary can do, so why is the Time Stone a Physician Extraordinary factor as an alternative of the Fact Stone? Additionally, did not the Darkish Elves wish to, like, revert the universe to a few darkish starting? So why did not they transfer it in order that they sought after the Time Stone and Physician Extraordinary had the Fact Stone??


How previous is Wanda?? Steve calls her “only a child” in Civil Struggle, however two years later she’s holing up with Imaginative and prescient, after which from her timeline (skipping the 5 years of the Snap), it is just a few weeks later that she is going to Westview, proper? So…is she like 19?

Disney+ / Wonder Studios / Courtesy Everett Assortment

I am considering the oldest she might be may be very early twenties. However she believably has, like, full-on 10-year-old youngsters? I assume she is already mind-controlling everybody, so nobody’s gonna bat a watch at that, however nonetheless.


And why does Imaginative and prescient manifest himself into an previous dude (sorry, Paul Bettany) if he is technically just a few years previous and will glance alternatively he desires?

Disney+ / Wonder

Even for a 1950s sitcom global, a 50-year-old marrying a 20-year-old turns out a little bizarre, however I assume Wanda simply had them suppose that used to be commonplace too.


Who’s the pretend Pietro? Simply an actor Agnes discovered? Then why is he performed by means of Evan Peters?

Disney+ / Wonder Studios / Courtesy Everett Assortment

I believed evidently this intended they had been in any case merging X-Males into the MCU and the use of multiverses as an evidence, however then he used to be only a few dude?? I am nonetheless so perplexed.


Why did Jane and Thor get a divorce?


K, I feel this one used to be extra simply…no longer defined than one thing I overlooked, however I am nonetheless perplexed.


Why do not the Avengers use the Time Stone in opposition to Thanos? Physician Extraordinary made a giant deal about no longer destroying it and the use of it in opposition to Thanos, then they by no means did.


Would it have turn out to be useful when Celebrity-Lord came upon about Gamora and ruined the whole lot?


Why did not Fury ever name Carol earlier than the very finish of Infinity Struggle?


K, I do know Carol mentioned she used to be off serving to different planets, which, wonderful, however you might be telling me Fury did not use the instrument ONCE throughout the worldwide threats of the previous motion pictures? He did not even TRY to touch her? Roughly irresponsible.


How did Captain Wonder to find Tony in the beginning of Endgame?


I imply, I am happy she did, however…how?


Did Bruce and Thor ever determine what took place in Civil Struggle?


Tony by no means actually explains it, and it is unclear what (if the rest) Thor is aware of. Did they ever all…deal with the whole lot? Does Bruce suppose they fell out over tacos or one thing?


How did the remainder of the arena react to Wakanda revealing their shops of vibranium?


This used to be a fab finishing to Black Panther (and with a bit of luck will come into play in the second), however then it did not appear to have an effect on any of the later motion pictures.


The place the heck used to be Nakia when the whole lot went down in Infinity Struggle and Endgame?


Turns out like she may just’ve been useful?


How can Celebrity-Lord breathe on such a lot of planets?


And if you are gonna inform me it is ‘motive he is part god, then what about Peter, Tony, and Physician Extraordinary after they fought Thanos on that planet in Infinity Struggle? And Natasha and Clint on Vormir? Those puts simply magically have the similar gravity and air make-up as Earth?


If Steve went again to be with Peggy, it used to be in a special a part of the multiverse (and thus a special Peggy). So how the hell did he finally end up again in Bucky and Sam’s universe on the finish of Endgame with out the use of the gadget?


I assume perhaps he may just’ve used the gadget however got here again to an previous time after which, like, concealed within the timber looking ahead to them??? IDK.


Additionally, if Steve went to a few different universe, that implies there have been two Steve Rogers. The opposite one used to be within the iceberg, certain, however…what took place to him when he got here out? Did the 2 Steves meet?


Outdated Steve needed to have nonetheless been there when Younger Steve awoke, as a result of I guess he did not go away that universe till Peggy had died, which is AFTER Steve got here out of the ice (which we all know from Civil Struggle). And I am assuming Younger Steve sought out Peggy. So…what took place there?


And in that timeline/universe, did Steve return to avoid wasting Bucky and expose that S.H.I.E.L.D. used to be in fact Hydra?? Did he prevent Bucky from killing Tony’s folks? Did Iron Guy even exist then??


Additionally, like…did he spend money on bitcoin? Was once he tremendous frustrated that they did not have mobile phones? Did he really feel bizarre that this wasn’t the very same Peggy as the only he left? AND HOW COULD HE ABANDON BUCKY?? Despite the fact that he stored this model of Bucky, what in regards to the different one??


And what the hell took place to him after he gave Sam the defend?


Did he simply instantly flip to mud? He did not appear somewhat on loss of life’s door but.


How did Hope’s mother no longer pass insane (or starve) with that a few years within the quantum realm?


Additionally, what ever took place to Ava once they attempted to get that power to stabilize her, however then everybody however Scott dusted?


What’s Valkyrie’s identify, and why do they only name her Valkyrie?


That’d be like calling Diana from Surprise Lady “Amazon.” It is only a workforce of other people she belonged to…?


How come nobody attempted to seek out Bruce after Age of Ultron?


So we all know from Ragnarok that Bruce (because the Hulk) fell out of the send and one way or the other landed on Sakaar. However, like…nobody even attempted to search for him? It is “Stark’s tech,” so why could not Tony attempt to to find him? I might be beautiful pissed if I finished up the Hulk for 2 years and used to be compelled to kill other people, and nobody even attempted to seek out me.


How do other people no longer acknowledge Bucky?


The primary episode of The Falcon and the Wintry weather Soldier perplexed me. I imply, a) this dude’s an Avenger who helped save the arena, b) he used to be across the world sought after, and c) he is most probably thought to be the primary explanation why the Avengers broke up. Other folks simply do not acknowledge him, even though?


How does Bucky earn money?


He is were given a tragic rental and turns out to sleep at the flooring, however nonetheless, that is not loose. The place does he get cash? Additionally, once more, HOW COULD STEVE LEAVE HIM TO LIVE LIKE THIS???


How did Loki pretend his personal loss of life so convincingly in The Darkish International? And, like…why? So he may just simply motive prime jinks and watch theater?


Dude used to be impaled. He used to be simply wonderful?


If Gamora’s sticking round on this timeline/universe, what occurs to Peter/the Guardians in her authentic timeline?

Walt Disney Studios Movement Footage / Courtesy Everett Assortment

Thanos and his military (and Nebula) at the moment are lifeless in that timeline, which is cool. Are we gonna get a Disney+ derivative about that?


Additionally, how did Gamora stick round?


When Tony snapped, I guess he dusted everybody from the opposite timeline, so used to be he simply considering, Whats up, omit Gamora, when he did? Did he even know Gamora used to be there? She’s obviously no longer dusted within the deleted scene the place all of them take a knee after Tony dies.


What took place to those who snapped in airplanes or puts that had been not there after they returned?

Disney+ / Wonder

I imply, everybody returns to the spot they snapped in, proper? So did individuals who snapped in airplanes go back to 30,000 ft within the air after which fall? Did other people snap again to constructions that were torn down or rebuilt or renovated in order that they had been actually in the midst of partitions?


Had been vegetation snapped?


I believe like no, however the animals had been for the reason that birds coming again signaled that Hulk’s snap had labored in Endgame. So why no longer vegetation, then?


Why did Heimdall ship Hulk to Earth and no longer Thor?


Both of them may just’ve warned Physician Extraordinary, and I simply roughly assumed that Heimdall would wish to save his very best good friend. Did he know that Thor would live on?


How had been there, like, any Asgardians left after the Snap?


Alright, so we see Thanos’s henchmen strolling over a TON of lifeless our bodies within the refugee send they escaped from Asgard in on the finish of Ragnarok. Principally, everybody appears to be lifeless however Bruce, Thor, Loki, and Heimdall, the latter two of whom die quickly after. So how are there a ton of Asgardians in New Asgard in Endgame?


May just Steve simply, like…put the Soul Stone again and produce Natasha again to existence?


I imply, he’s taking ALL the stones to place again, so I guess he places the Soul Stone again too. Cannot he simply, like, alternate it for Nat?


What took place to Cap’s new defend?


The Wakandans give Steve a defend for Infinity Struggle — what took place to that one?


How are those two the similar individual???

Wonder / Paramount Footage / Courtesy Everett Assortment

Twenty-eight years can age an individual, however…the older Howard from Endgame does not glance that a lot older than the only from Captain The us — on no account nearly 3 a long time. And so they clearly glance not anything alike.


What the heck took place in Iron Guy 2? Did Tony let Rhodey scouse borrow the swimsuit or no?


It is implied that Tony let Rhodey take the tools. So…why no longer simply hand it over within the first position after he did this complete factor to start with about how the federal government could not personal his stuff? I am getting that he used to be being self-destructive and all, however I used to be at all times perplexed about whether or not this used to be all a part of some grasp plan or what. And if Rhodey DID simply take the swimsuit, how’d Tony forgive him so simply?


What took place to the Sokovia Accords after the Snap?


And did the Avengers nonetheless, like…do stuff whilst part of them had been at the run? Did they apply the Accords? Had been Imaginative and prescient and Rhodey and Tony nonetheless bearing in mind themselves the Avengers and operating round serving to other people?


And in any case, the Avengers do a daft quantity of belongings harm. Who can pay for all that?? Even Tony Stark is not that wealthy.


Deficient New York. And Sokovia. And in every single place else they’d large battles.

K, so that is on no account complete, however I believe a lot better to have got those off my chest. Do you will have any solutions for me, or are you as misplaced as I’m? Let me know within the feedback beneath!

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