David Dobrik Jeff Wittek Failed Stunt

“You’re taking issues too a ways.”

David Dobrik is dealing with backlash after new photos presentations fellow Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek getting significantly injured after a stunt for a video went fallacious.

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Caution: This video incorporates graphic content material.

As a part of his new YouTube video sequence, Do not Take a look at This At House, Jeff alleges that David driven for a chain of unhealthy stunts to be a part of the Vlog Squad’s new slate all through the pandemic in 2020.

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Jeff Wittek / By means of youtube.com

David refers to it as, “the video to come back again and get started posting once more,” whilst Jeff calls it a “comeback vlog.” David had in the past been on hiatus for many of 2020.

A lot of the video is devoted to the primary stunt that Jeff took phase in, which concerned skydiving 25 occasions — a feat he says he’s made to do by way of a “bizarre man,” aka David.

Jeff Wittek / By means of youtube.com

“It is kinda arduous to be humorous when you’re feeling like you might be about to die,” Jeff says earlier than his first solo skydive.

The following stunt is in Utah, the place David has an excavator in a lake this is stated to be a few foot deep. To start with, a wakeboard is connected to the system, and persons are spun round.

Alternatively, folks then begin to swing from a rope hooked up to the excavator. Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf may also be noticed yelling, “You’re taking issues too a ways, all the time,” apparently to David, after the rope begins slipping down.

The video then presentations Jeff’s strive. “I did not know I used to be gonna move that speedy,” he says in a voiceover. “So I grabbed the fucking rope, and I attempted to make a goddamn humorous video for folks. However that is the place I made a mistake. I forgot that the most important fucking fool I do know was once using it.”

Photos then seems to turn Jeff crashing into the excavator and falling into the lake, adopted by way of folks operating to lend a hand him.

Jeff Wittek / By means of youtube.com

“The entire aspect of his face is simply open,” one Vlog Squad member remarks.

It looks as if that is the coincidence Jeff was once relating to in June 2020, when he wrote on Instagram, “Were given in an coincidence and broke my face and cranium in a couple of puts.”

TW: I’ve by no means felt so indignant at a dumb ass influencer earlier than. David Dobrik must be stopped. He’s all the time been irresponsible at his pals expense for YOUTUBE movies. He COULD were charged with manslaughter had Jeff been inches nearer to the excavator. IM LIVIDDDDD

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We will stay you posted if David feedback at the allegations.

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