Houseplant of the week: satin pothos | Gardening recommendation

Why will I like it?

Should you’re after a great-looking, low-maintenance plant, right here it’s. Satin pothos’s horny heart-shaped leaves are coated in splotches of silver variegation. It’s going to live on a hectic way of life and stay on giving. Mainly, she’s no longer needy and really unswerving – the whole lot you need in a plant.

Gentle or colour?

Shiny, oblique mild is very best, so by way of a sunny window or on an east- or west-facing windowsill. An excessive amount of direct solar will scorch leaves, and if it’s positioned in a poorly lit place the gorgeous variegation (which is what we’re all right here for) will start to fade.

The place will have to I put it?

The satin pothos seems to be super put on a top bookshelf. Mine is recently on a floating plant shelf subsequent to my west-facing window, and is loving existence.

How do I stay it alive?

Water weekly in summer time and scale back to each and every 10-14 days in iciness, most effective permitting the highest two inches to dry out. Use a humid material to take away mud from the leaves to stay its silvery leaves glistening. They experience 50% humidity so mist incessantly or position on a rainy tray with pebbles.

Do you know …

Its complete identify, scindapsus pictus, is derived from the Greek skindapsos, which means “upon tree trunks”, alluding to its tendency to creep up the outside of timber.

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